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Disc Injuries

Non-Surgical Decompression

This treatment is for intervertebral discs of the spine in the neck and low back. Spinal decompression works by gently decompressing and stretching the spine. This creates a negative pressure within the disc allowing nutrients that help repair the disc to flood back into that space.  In addition to drawing in nutrient dense fluid, decompression also changes that structure of the disk over a period of time.  The outer rings of the disc become more vertically oriented.  This allows the disc to withstand greater pressures while increasing that room that nerves have to exit the spinal column.  Often signs of numbness, tingling, traveling pain, and/or weakness can be the result of an injured disc space.  All of these symptoms are likely to be lessened or ever eliminated with treatment.

Non-surgical spinal decompression has a high success rate and is a treatment that should be strongly considered before undergoing surgical changes. Each treatment lasts for 30 minutes. The average person requires anywhere from 15-20 treatments.  We highly suggest that if you are having considerable low back pain and or neck pain that you give this treatment a chance. It is a great alternative to spinal surgery. See video below for more information.  

Hendersonville Chiropractor | Disc Injuries. Dr. Matthew Booe & Dr. Ashton Totty-Booe is a Hendersonville Chiropractor.